Friday, November 7, 2014

Stuck or Free? The choice is ours.

This is a quick sketch illustrating an idea I had yesterday when I was relaxing a bit and reflect on the reasons why people feel stuck in their lives but so many times choose to remain "stuck " . This analogy came to me and I've found it funny ...

It's as if people stayed with their foot stuck in brambles ... The only way to break free is taking off the boot , but that means losing something important to them ... and what society would say on them walking barefoot ? And worse, the floor would wound them their foot, it would hurt and bleed ... who wants to be in pain? So, in fear of facing what would come if if they took off their boot they choose to remain stuck, possibly waiting for something or someone that will improve their situation.

But what if they were not afraid of losing their boot? Is the boot so important anyway? Would it not be better to be free, truly free, because they chose so? Not fearing what society would say or how it would react? Would it not be better to walk barefoot, even if it hurts and bleeds, but also knowing that feet earn callus, get stronger and eventually stop hurting? Then there would be the feeling of complete freedom and that is priceless ... they would see that it is the most valuable thing possible. Only then it’s possible to truly feel the earth pulsing beneath their feet and the life flowing up through them ... only then they really feel their own essence and start being themselves, free from worries on what others would think or expect from them. Only then they will have the chance of meeting other people like them, barefoot, knowing what pain is and also what it is getting stronger from it, cherishing their earned freedom and authenticity more than anything.
It is the “barefoot” people who make a difference in this world because they are genuine and true to themselves; they live as an example and they inspire others to be more authentic too. It’s something everyone wishes to be, deep inside…

It is not easy to walk barefoot ... there are sacrifices and pain. But the feeling that this is the best choice for us makes it all worthwhile. And then, everything becomes so much easier and falls into place! Living our truth is freeing and it is a powerful and beautiful way of living.

Would you take off your boot?

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