Thursday, November 6, 2014


Isn't this film just absolutely gorgeous? :)

Another inspiration of mine, my animation idol: Mr. Glen Keane! (also the idol of so many people, I wonder why!)

I felt quite flattered because when this movie came out, somewhere in June this year, so many people on Facebook sent me private messages or tagged me on this video, saying they thought of me immediately when they watched it. :) One even said half joking: "was it you who made it, Carina?" Ahah, oh my, I wish! But this movie moved me deeply and I feel inspired... who knows what might come out in the future. ;) I do have plans on doing beautiful things involving dancing. *heart*

Glen Keane, thank you for being you!

(It just hit me how powerful this is, thanking someone for being himself fully. This is someone who's been following his passion all his life... That's what the world needs, the people being truly themselves and following their heart's joy. Everybody's greateness is in those passions. Are you following your heart's joy and truth? :) The world needs you living like that!  One day you'll have someone being grateful to you for inspiring them to do the same. God knows in what ways... There are infinite possibilities and you are a part of this infinite equation.)

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