Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dancing (sort of) Sketches

Some random sketches inspired on dancing (contemporary - my favourite). Done with photoshop. No references used. Just listened to music and let myself go. Not without watching a video or two about dancing just to set the mood. ;)

(I'm not a dancer... it's probably obvious in the drawings - I doubt they are official contemporary dance moves :P)

More to come soon!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paranaue! Paranaue Parana!

I love drawing bodies in motion! Especially if they're doing martial arts or dancing... which for me is almost the same thing in therms of movement. ;)
Here are some sketches I made today isnpired on Capoeira moves. I did them while listening to the songs of the movie "Only The Strong", which they say to be the best film about Capoeira. These songs make me want to draw and do the "ginga" at the same time, ahahah!
Anyway, no references were used to sketch, except for the last two pages.

(Yeah... I know there are a lot of anatomic mistakes. ^.^;)

Friday, May 25, 2012


These are my contribution for a pinup collection... and a personal attempt at painting realism. No photographic references were used, except for the gipsy girl's face position.

More concepts...

... this time for a "Bollycao" commercial.. :)  This is how the wonderful "bread" full of yummie chocolate is made. ;)  These concepts were used to make the 3D version and the result turned out very nice!

Graffiti girls

My contribution for a comic project... The girls were sketched in photoshop. 

Character concepts

Long time no post.... I'm back with some new updates. :) I'll be around more often from now on.
These are some basic concepts I made a while ago for a game company.