Wednesday, December 24, 2014

X-Mas Greetings animation

Made specially for you, guys! :)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2015 everyone!

With Love,

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Tribute

This is my tribute to one of the people that most inspired me this year: Paul Whitecotton, from the documentary "People in Motion". I've seen other interviews with the guys and the way Paul talks about parkour makes me think of how it applies to everything in life... For instance, you don't have to do parkour to feel at one with everything around you.

It's easy for me to feel at one with nature in nature but I've always felt very much uncomfortable in cities, my spirit would close itself up. Paul has inspired me to see buildings and all man made things around me in a beautiful way. I learned to feel at one with everything! It's like as if my spirit is parkouring the surroundings all the time and every single corner counts. It's wonderful, it feels free and I do feel very happy in that! :)

Paul, thank you so much. *heart* You're amazing!

This tribute is a digital painting done with a reference shot from "People in Motion".
And the "LOVE" sign with Paul jumping is directly traced out of another screen shot.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Comic Con Portugal

I was there! :D And I appear in this video at 4'53" on the right, happily catching up with Sérgio Martins, one of the twins that worked on the recently released animated short "Poets" (from AVA's new album). We can see Sergio in the video too... a little bit of his hair and black shirt! xD The girl with her back to the camera is Carina Morais, another talent that worked on "Poets". I had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time that day. Carina met Carina. In the words of Sergio: "Carinas everywhere!!!"

Comic Con was great! I've never been to one before so I don't have any reference to compare. Sure, some things could be better, but this was the first one in Portugal and it can only get much better from here. It's great that Comic Con has arrived in times where national comics are growing here. About time! :) We also have amazing talents that went international working for big publishers, such as Marvel, DC, etc. Names like Daniel Maia, Daniel Henriques, Jorge Coelho, among many others. Was great to see them there!

One of my favorite things in this Con was the Star Wars imperial march complete with the original song and tons of star troopers around an enormously tall Darth Vader. It was "WOW"! Couldn't stop staring at him each time he passed by!

Another funny thing was that there was a lot of "walkers" from "Walking Dead". They stood in a cage and we could literally "Rent a Walker" and walk him all around with a rope. Even though I didn't watch this series (yet) I felt fascinated with the concept. The guys looked really creepy and really walked like living dead... must have been so tiresome for the poor guys after 3 entire days like that, ahah! One of them, one of the ugliest in matter of fact, startled me and I almost collapsed with a heart attack. :P As I was saying my goodbies to Sérgio and Carina, this walker poked me on the back and as I turned he was right on my face mumbling "aaaa" like zombies do. I'm not usually the hysterical type but I think I let out a little scream and I reacted really funny, my friends laughed. I actually felt scared, it was like a scene from an horror movie and I hate horror movies. :P

I was at Comic Con working with Luis Magalhães, author of the fantasy genre book "A Filha do Gelo" (Ice Daughter) to which I illustrated the cover. It was nice signing the book along with the author and draw a quick, personalized sketch for the person who bought it. :)

Here is some photos of yours truly and the author at our table, a picture of me making a drawing, next is a finished drawing and lastly, a couple of heroines with the books in their hands. ;)
These photos were taken in the last day... hope to be back next year!!! I'm addicted to comic con now! *heart*

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Parkour Documentary: People in Motion

This is one of my favorite documentaries of all time. I even get emotional when I watch it, lol! Is this normal?? :P  Perhaps it's my passion for movement... These guys are so awesome, so part of everything around them... Makes me feel inspired! 
If you enjoy parkour, you're gonna love this too. :)

Dancing Couple Animated!!!

Today I want to share with you a little teaser of what I've been up to lately. ;) It's a little dance scene with a couple. It's the first time I'm animating a couple dancing and I'm really excited!!! :D No references are being used, only inspiration in dance, movement and youtube lessons by my animation idol Glen Keane. *heart*

Enjoy the first phase. ;)

(now with better definition, pew!)

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Here are some watercolor paintings I did recently. There's something so special and enjoyable about brushes, ink and paper that no digital painting can do. These are two very different ways of painting and I love them both. :)
Hope you enjoy my paintings!
The dance couple one is a commissioned gift (for a dancer, of course!) and the "water flow" one is a gift I made for my friend, I wanted to inspire her to let her emotions flow like water. The fairy one is a personal work simply because I love fairies, they represent joy to me. ;)