Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Tribute

This is my tribute to one of the people that most inspired me this year: Paul Whitecotton, from the documentary "People in Motion". I've seen other interviews with the guys and the way Paul talks about parkour makes me think of how it applies to everything in life... For instance, you don't have to do parkour to feel at one with everything around you.

It's easy for me to feel at one with nature in nature but I've always felt very much uncomfortable in cities, my spirit would close itself up. Paul has inspired me to see buildings and all man made things around me in a beautiful way. I learned to feel at one with everything! It's like as if my spirit is parkouring the surroundings all the time and every single corner counts. It's wonderful, it feels free and I do feel very happy in that! :)

Paul, thank you so much. *heart* You're amazing!

This tribute is a digital painting done with a reference shot from "People in Motion".
And the "LOVE" sign with Paul jumping is directly traced out of another screen shot.


Paul Whitecotton said...

No way, This is so amazing!! Carina, thank you so much! I am so ecstatically honored that you did a tribute for me. I am deeply happy that my words helped guide you to a new perspective. Hope all is well with you!

Paul Whitecotton

Carina B. said...

Wow!!, I'm so happy and deeply honored myself that you've found and liked my tribute! :D What an amazing surprise, you've totally made my day! Yes, you did inspire me a lot... It's like you said: "you never know who you're going to inspire". Sometimes it's the least expected person on Earth... ;) Thank you very much, Paul. Please, keep being amazing and inspiring people with your passions! :)

Much love,

Carina Beringuilho