Monday, October 26, 2015

Deep Within

This is a little color test I've made with TVPaint. The animation needs more work on its fluidity, but this time I chose to focus more on coloring a quick and loose animation. I kinda like the result and the experience of doing it! :)
If you're wondering what's the purpose of the movement... don't ask. :P I just kind of "went with the flow".

Friday, October 16, 2015

"Just Follow Your Dreams"

I'm sharing with you my first dance painting on a wall! :)
This was commissioned for two teen sisters' room. They both dance and one of them inspires me in a special way. She's a gorgeous and talented 13 y.o. girl who dances beautifully, from the soul. And she has this rare type of hepatitis that debilitates her system. You won't say by looking at those vibrant shinning eyes and by the way she dances passionately. Dance is actually what is helping her a lot with her condition and I have a feeling that someday we will hear about her in the "dance world". :)

I was an honor for me to paint this for her - it was her idea, I just made it visible. ;)

Dance, dance dance art!

As you may already know, Glen Keane is my animation idol ever since I remember having one.
As you may also know, I love drawing dance poses and animating dance since 2012 (which I'm still personally exploring and see where it goes).
So, I feel amazed and inspired that my idol is also getting into dance animation! :)
Feels a little bit like we're in tune or something... it's good. *heart*

Btw, I've been working in that dance animation I presented in a little teaser last December.
It got a little more complicated than I expected and almost re-done it entirely. :P But I'm happy with the result so far, even though there's still more work to do.
I hope to post it sometime soon, before the end of the year preferably. I've been working on it much more often lately. ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Dragon Age" meme

Ahahah, I was going through my art stuff and found this, back from 2011.
I had finished playing the famous RPG "Dragon Age" - the last game I really got hooked in and actually the last game played since. I enjoyed playing so much and felt like colaborating in a famous meme at Deviant Art.
So here is my personal input of the game in a series of drawings! :) The meme is a unique long/vertical image, so I have cut it into several images for better view.
I really really had fun doing this! :) Enjoy the drawings and the humor, if you know in context of the game. ;)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Smoky Train

Sometimes we may look at things and see things... ahahah! ;)
(happens to me a lot! and you?)

Welcoming Fall

Season greetings!! You've gotta love autumn! :)
These really cute leaves came to life with colored pencils on paper.