Friday, October 16, 2015

Dance, dance dance art!

As you may already know, Glen Keane is my animation idol ever since I remember having one.
As you may also know, I love drawing dance poses and animating dance since 2012 (which I'm still personally exploring and see where it goes).
So, I feel amazed and inspired that my idol is also getting into dance animation! :)
Feels a little bit like we're in tune or something... it's good. *heart*

Btw, I've been working in that dance animation I presented in a little teaser last December.
It got a little more complicated than I expected and almost re-done it entirely. :P But I'm happy with the result so far, even though there's still more work to do.
I hope to post it sometime soon, before the end of the year preferably. I've been working on it much more often lately. ;)

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