Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Unique Book

This is my art contribution for the only book in the world made uniquely based on trades, no money involved. True story! :D It's my friend Andresa Salgueiro who lived for 1 year, 11 days, 1 hour and 1 minute with only 1111€ and many trades! :) And guess what: she actually did it! She still does it, and her project became a social project named "Believe", for she inspired a lot of people to trade and live with less money and also attracted to her those who believed that this was possible. These people help each other with whatever they have so together they can ease any financial crisis. :) Her story is now in a book all in Blue that is not for selling of course... it's for trading! And there's only 1111 books, no more no less. I'm the proud owner of one of them and had the pleasure to contribute for it with a drawing depicting chapter 11 - Dreams - hence my drawing's theme. In the end it was not for chapter 11 nor there was a chapter named "Dreams", but the illustration is there for her final reflections on her life projects, so... it fits! ;)

Yes she has a thing for number 11, she sees it everywhere! I can relate, as many other people can, although not necessarily 11. Numbers do have meaning and there's something about them when they appear frequently as apparent coincidences. In Andresa's case, it's not that she forces the number 11 to appear or makes herself see it everywhere (unless she wants to use it in it's "honor" as she did in her project)... it actually appears when she least expect it, as if the number is implying itself on her... ahah. Her friends can witness this so many times, they cannot deny it. The most recent example is our group dinner celebrating the book launch. The bill came and guess what... it was 111.10€. We all were mesmerized at the coincidence once again. It's really fun!!! :D I'm glad I changed my mind and didn't ask for that coffee, ahahah!

Nothing happens by chance...

And dreams do come true when we really Believe!
Most important of all: when we believe in ourselves!

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