Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Inktober #31 and drums!!

This is my last inktober entry. Yesterday I visited a special place that holds a lot of dear memories for me. I didn't return there in many years. Coincidentally, I had a dream of that place the night before, when I had no plans whatsoever to visit the next morning. :D I only visited because, by chance, I happened to be nearby. Perhaps the dream influenced me to go. Anyhow, I felt like drawing the moment. :)

Im also sharing another moment of yesterday: the recording of my first drum cover. :D A song by Angus and Julia Stone. I started to learn this song a month ago. I know I do a lot of mistakes, sorry! I'm a beginner who started about 2,5 months ago, with less than 1 hour or so per week on the drum set. ;) So, still, I'm very happy to have learnt a song by now! (two, actually)
I'm already training another one, much more challenging for me, but still relatively easy for an experienced drummer. I'm happy and excited with it! Hope I can share it soon than I think, ahah!

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