Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rita Spider

Hello :)
I'm here today to present you my dance muse: Rita Spider.
She's an amazing dancer from Portugal. :) If you love hip hop, dubstep, house and stuff alike, you may have heard of her, because she's been dancing around the world for quite a while, including in Michael Jackson's "The Immortal" tour of Cirque du Soleil!

I absolutely adore her style and the way she moves, it's so inspiring to me. I admire her energy, passion and sense of rythm so much. And also many of her choices of music. Those rythms really make me wanna dance. :)
I am lucky and honored to have her as my hip hop teacher, she really makes us work and I love that! Rita has so much joy and energy when she dances that we get to feel the same. We go crazy dancing, yeah!!! :D

I used to think contemporary dance was my favorite style, but now I see clearly that it's the large range of street dance styles instead. What I love about street dance is that you can incorporate an inifite number of dance types, creating many different fusions. It's complete freedom. That's my favorite thing about it all. When you fuse hip hop with contemporary dance, for instance, the result is beautiful. :)

I'm leaving you today with a dubstep solo Rita created some years ago. It's quite fast, and you'll see how amazing she is. ;)
If you like that video, watch the next. It's not so energetic as the first, but still very much hipnotic. Part two of that show is very poetic and in the whole you'll see various styles mixed in one. :) She's a queen of fusion!

Hope you enjoy this wonderful dancer! ;)

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