Sunday, March 22, 2015

Carina talks about the Transformers Project

I'm a volunteer at the Transformers Project (Portugal), a social project supported by the Global Changemakers, among others. This project helps teenagers in poor social conditions to make the difference in their community through what they love doing most - their talents, which at the Transformers we call "the superpowers" that can transform the world.
I didn't say it in the video, but the place where I teach is essencially a prison for teenagers, with a rehab program of which the Transformers Project is happily a part of..

Being a part of the Transformers Project is something very special to me. So, a friend of mine asked me and 3 more volunteers to record a presentation video in english saying what it is for us to be a Transformer, so she can share it with people in Italy this week.

I decided to share my video in youtube as well because I feel it's a Universal message.

I used some drawings made by me to illustrate this message as well. ;)


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