Wednesday, September 2, 2009


As I was looking throughout my old drawing sheets, I've found these pretty sketches of the Sailor Moon soldiers, from my Sailor Moon fan period (I was 17 by then). I thought they were worth cleaning and painting to post here. And here they are, finally seeing the light of the day after so many years!

I hope you like them.

Sorry, I couldn't find Jupiter among the girls. :P They were made during a geometry class, so probabily the class ended before I had the time to draw Jupiter. ;)


Vartax said...

Pretty plz draw the missing Pretty Sailors in sailor suits :)

or at least draw the soldier of destrution :) Saturn i think.

Anonymous said...

Está demais! Adorei a cor... Os meus parabéns.

Ventura said...

:)Gostei muito das sailors e da nausica^^Estão muito bonitas ;) Beijoca grande para ti.